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Home Media (Everything On The Website) Hip Hop/R&B News Real Hip-Hop: M.O.P.’s New Album “Sparta” + New Track “Back At It” (New Review-Report December 2011)

Real Hip-Hop: M.O.P.’s New Album “Sparta” + New Track “Back At It” (New Review-Report December 2011)


Few do hardcore rap music like M.O.P. The duo comprised of Billy Danze and Lil Fame definitely represent Brownsville (Home of the Brave!) suitably, mashing out tough beats on their new album Sparta.

Over the course of the album, M.O.P. assaults production by the Snowgoons starting with the title track “Sparta” and going into the triumphant “Back At It,” in which the Mashout Posse make their intentions crystal clear. “We emerged from death row to spit it in a way a nigga never spit it before/Incredibly focused, dopeness and we blow,” Danze roars on the track. “This is convict music, start-shit music, how ever you view it this is moshpit music!” “Get Yours,” “Hard Niggaz,” “No Mercy” and “Break Em” have the Brooklyn duo so entrenched in their street element to the fullest. “Pop them, leave ’em covered in carnations/They wanted more Danze, I gave them a raw glance/Of good hood shit, ghetto war chants,” Danze barks later on “Break ’Em.”

M.O.P. closes out the album with the gritty “Body On The Iron,” which has both members of the group attacking the mic with reckless abandon and no remorse.

Overall, Sparta is as hardcore and street as it gets, and who would expect anything different from M.O.P.? It’s what they do.

Real talk from this XXL report, although I don’t understand why they rated the album only an “L” and not an “XXL”. I guess they think those Pop rappers deserve the highest ratings…whatever. For those who know, this is real Hip-Hop at its best.

Check out below the best track in my opinion from the whole album, entitled “Back At It” and don’t forget to support these dudes by purchasing their album!

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